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How to Buy Photos

1. On the bottom right corner of the photo, click "Buy" or shopping cart.

2. Select the type of product you want for your photo:

*Digital Downloads: Save a digital copy of a photo to your own hard drive for posterity or printing elsewhere. For prepaid digital downloads, click the down arrow with a line under it to download without being charged. Use the password given to you to log in when prompted.

*Paper Prints: Get just the print. Perfect for photo albums, scrapbooks, wallets, and more.

*Wall Art: Includes canvas, ThinWraps, Block Prints, Aluminium, and MetalPrints. *Desk Art: Includes vendor-specific options such as flat- and curved-metal prints. *Keepsakes: Includes mugs, buttons, and more.

*Phone Cases: Get a personalized case for your phone. Includes cases for iPhone and Android phones.

3. Once you’ve chosen which type of print you want, you’ll be guided through your options for making your print perfect!

Click link below for complete details on how to order prints.

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